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Cold Email & Sales Sequencing for Founders & CEOs Who Sell.

Your time is at a premium. Your bandwidth is limited. You need email sequencing that captures leads, qualifies them, re-engages prospects, and handles your follow-ups.

That's doable, right?

Of course it is! If you have the right sequences in place.


(and it's also helped big time lead gen agencies win big for their clients ;)


What can I do for you & your team?

Diagnose Your Outreach

Identify what's working, what's not, and learn how to make the most of your outreach campaigns (without breaking the bank)

Plan Your Custom Ecosystem

Outreach doesn't just exist in a bubble. There's a whole ecosystem around it, including follow-ups, inbound engagements, capturing website visitors, and more.

Write Your Emails

Looking for done-for-you sequencing for you or your Sales Team? You're in the right place for all of the sequencing your team needs.


When you’re a one-person sales org, it can feel like most of the cold email advice (and even most of sales advice) doesn't work for you.

And you're not wrong. Most of the advice on cold email is written for startups with a whole Sales Development team qualifying prospects before they ever get in front of a Sales Person.

If you don't have any SDRs -- what do you do?


You COULD take that advice...

  • If you have time to hunt down personalization points for each of your prospects on LinkedIn...
  • Edit and personalize every email...
  • And qualify your own prospects once they get on the phone...

If you have the time to do that, then you can cold email like a Sales Development Rep and it will work for you.

And of course, there are times when you absolutely SHOULD take that approach.

But when you're a Founder or CEO who sells, that's usually not practical for "everyday" prospecting.

What if you didn't have to personalize every cold email that left your outbox... ?

And you didn't have to worry about p!$$ing off your prospects or sacrificing results?

Besides the time factor... it’s simply not always possible to find relevant personalization.

For example:

-- How do you know if someone just switched their server?

-- Missed their sales quota?

-- Had a fallout with one of their suppliers?

There are things your prospects just aren’t going to tweet about.

(And there are plenty of prospects who aren't going to tweet at all)

That's why you need outreach copy that is valuable and relevant - without relying on personalization to carry the load.

For “everyday prospecting” - the activities that actually feed your business every day - you’re trying to connect with companies that you may not be able to learn much about...

Until they agree to a conversation.

Hard to personalize for that.

But that doesn't mean you can't reach them... Or book meetings with them.

In fact, these are probably your bread and butter prospects.

And they don't care if you know their dog's name or where they went to college before they get on a call with you.

They care whether or not you understand the problems that are making their job harder and standing in the way of their team's goals.

But most outreach never bothers to address those challenges.

This is why most cold email fails.

It's not the lack of personalization, itself. It's the approach.

Here's the most common reasons I see for outreach failing to meet the mark:

-- Using templates off the internet (without understanding HOW to use them, or investing the time to make them fit your business )

-- Not understanding who YOU are to the market - which means you can't use that info to speak to your prospects’ pain points or prior failures

-- Not using buyer personas to your advantage so you understand how different roles interact with your solution -- which means you can't speak to them specifically

-- Lumping job roles together, despite how differently they interact with your solution (Even sales and marketing... They often use completely differently language, even when they're talking about the same thing)

-- Committing all those sins... But hoping a personalized opener will "save" the campaign

Of course, if you're committing any (or all) of those sins, it's not your fault.

Reason #1 why it's not your fault: There's endless pages of conflicting cold email advice across the web and on LinkedIn.

And a lot of it is GOOD advice... If you know when to use it.

But if you're not already an expert, how could you possibly know which advice applies to your business/stage/prospects?

Reason #2 why it's not your fault: There's a sentiment that cold email should be easy (which directly conflicts with a lot of other sentiments).

But let me tell you. I’ve been writing cold outreach for over a decade. And it took a lot of training to get right.

Training that I had to go out and find myself, despite coming from a sales background, and having access to some brilliant trainers and coaches.

I didn’t learn how to write effective outreach anywhere in my sales training.

I learned it by studying direct response copywriting - the #1 skill most sales people and even marketers DON’T have.

Reason #3 why it's not your fault: Most people in B2B don’t realize that cold traffic (without personalization) works.

They don't know that there are entire industries that run on selling products to cold traffic.

Online Ad Sales Page Sale. 

There is no individual personalization in that.

But there IS is a deep understanding of their market, their product, and the gap that it fills, laid out in a compelling sales argument. (Something that's sorely missing from most B2B outreach.)

It’s called direct response marketing and those SAME basic principles can be applied to B2B lead generation. (Except we're "selling" the meeting -- not the product)

If the Direct Response marketers can sell products on cold traffic and build multi-million dollar businesses off of it…

It’s crazy to think that we can’t “sell” a meeting without leaning on detailed personalization.

The key? 

Persona-based campaigns.

The reason so many can’t make it work is simple: They don’t have the training.

But I do. 

And I can write cold email copy that converts into meetings for you, just like I have dozens of other clients over the last 10 years.

The Results?

  22 meetings per month for a technology vendor with users of a specific software package

✅  24 CEO-level meetings every month for a training organization

✅  20 meetings per month for corporate consultants with executives from their hand-picked list of target companies

✅  16 meetings in 12 days for a corporate innovation solution with companies in their exact target market

Who I work with:

Today, most of my clients are Founders and Small Business CEOs who are looking to add 15-20 additional meetings to their calendars every month:

✅ They’re entrepreneurs, who are still very involved in the sales process.

They have a great solution and they know it. 

They’re not just “in it for the money” - they saw a gap in their market, and they intentionally filled it with their offer.

They may be in a commodity market - but they don’t see themselves as commodities.

They have a consultative sales process - and so they’re willing to nurture potential prospects instead of always driving hard for a meeting (even when that’s the end goal).

They believe in adding value - solving problems, educating, elevating. 

They’re the kind of people who SHOULD be thought leaders in their space (even if they’ve been too shy/busy/etc to do that).

Sound like you? Maybe we should talk.

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