The 45-minute campaign checkup that tells you exactly what you need to do to get more out of your outreach


Looking for new ideas to test in your outreach?

Needing to boost performance, but not sure where to start?

Want a second set of eyes before you launch your first (or next) campaign?


This campaign checkup is for you.


We’ll hop on a 45-min zoom call, look at your copy, stats, and strategy, and tell you exactly what you need to do to get the most out of this campaign. Whether it’s your 1st or your 40th+.

What we can review:

  • Outbound campaigns
  • Follow-up sequences
  • Re-engagement sequences
  • The ecosystem around those sequences

What we need for the call:

  • Success metrics (opens/replies/clicks/meetings booked/etc)
  • The copy/collateral in question
  • Explanation of the audience/targeting 

What you’ll get:

  • 45 minutes 1:1 so you get our best outreach recs, all to yourself
  • A clear plan for getting the most out of your campaign performance
  • Referrals to additional support and good-to-know resources
  • Recording of our call, so you don’t have to frantically scribble notes while we drop knowledge

→ And if you don’t think you want to DIY?

We’ll get you a quote and/or referrals for getting it done for you.

What does it cost

$150. About the price of a nice dinner for two to make a measurable lift on the very campaigns designed to keep your sales engine running.


Ready to book yours?

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