Outreach Client Case Studies

Change Management Case Study

Custom Campaign for a Corporate Consulting Firm

This organization needed a custom campaign doing highly personalized outreach to a list of high-profile companies.

Using a strategy that targeted key contacts and personalized research for each company on their list, this custom campaign ultimately delivered nearly 200 meetings with their exact target market.


Pilot Run: 16 Leads in 12 Days for an Innovation Solution

This innovation solution had a very niche target market - companies in highly technical/innovative fields, solving complex, outside-the-box problems.

They offered a unique solution that delivered detailed, implementable solutions from brilliant minds via crowdsourcing.

We believed there would be two challenges:

 1) finding companies open to outside sourcing answers in this manner and

 2) positioning their offer against the typically high-level (and therefore not-actionable) results similar solutions.

 By addressing both of those challenges head-on in the copy, they generated nearly a month’s worth of leads in a 12-day test.


24 Meetings a Month for a Training Organization

This organization had a requirement of only meeting with CEOs - an extremely tall order that some might consider unreasonable to fulfill.

With the right messaging strategy, we made an appeal that had CEOs booking meetings with them at a rate of 6 per week throughout the campaign, ultimately delivering several hundred CEO-level meetings.


22 Meetings per Month for a Legacy Technology Support Vendor

This client was an enterprise technology vendor with what you might consider a ... rather "dry" offer, supporting legacy technology.

To most people, it might not sound very sexy... EXCEPT that if you relied on the technology this team supported, their offer was a game-changer.

Once we uncovered the right angle, their leads started pouring in, ultimately delivering 1.5x more than they thought possible.

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